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Our name
tells a unique story
The story of the land and people who wrote it; a concrete, solid story, just like the mountains that dominate our landscape.
This story tells of an ability to create high-quality, high performing ceramics combining aesthetics and innovation, with an eye to sustainability.
It’s a story we’re proud of, as we carry on the tradition of making Italian bathroom ceramics with passion and courage, combining our 50+ years of experience with advanced manufacturing technology.

Ceramica Dolomite

Ceramica Dolomite was founded in 1965 in Trichiana (now Borgo Valbelluna), at the foot of the Belluno Dolomites.
Experts in bathroom ceramics since the beginning, the company combines a passionate and skilled workforce with innovative, automated manufacturing technology.
Attentive to product quality and evolutions in design, and firmly focused on customer service, over the years the company has become a leading brand in the market for bathroom furniture and public convenience products.
Today, Ceramica Dolomite produces bathroom and products for bathrooms, kitchens and collective spaces at its factory, which extends over approximately 130,000 m2 in total, of which 70,000 m2 covered, reducing waste and recycling waste products to protect the environment.


Ceramica Dolomite is where craftsmanship and technology coexist.
The skilful hands of master ceramists and latest-generation robots pass the baton along the production process. Automated systems take care of the most laborious, repetitive tasks, leaving humans to deal with the all-important details during the delicate finishing and quality-control stages.
The result is a better quality product.


At Ceramica Dolomite, innovation is also about finding solutions and production processes that help protect nature and contribute to making a greener, more sustainable future.
We are committed to reducing raw-material waste, implementing processes to optimise their use and adopting strategies for reusing and recycling production waste.
Advanced water recovery and recycling systems on site have helped us to significantly reduce water consumption, minimising our impact on local resources.
We currently use renewable energy sources, and have been using a high efficiency cogeneration system, installed in 2013.
In addition to being used for our production processes, the energy produced powers some of the street lighting in the surrounding area.


Since relaunching, the focus has been on creating high-quality products, while taking care of employees and their wellbeing.
This commitment has been recognised in the form of international certification.
ISO 9001 certification proves that quality management is part of our company operations, through our manufacturing processes, and in the marketing and sale of our products;
ISO 45001 certification shows we are committed to creating a safe and healthy workplace, preventing accidents and health problems.

Entry in the National Register of Certified Italian Producers '100% Made in Italy'

A prestigious certificate – issued by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers (the only national certifying body registered with the CNEL) on the basis of the Disciplinary IT01 – 100% Original Italian Quality, regarding the origin of the raw materials and packaging used in the construction and sale of ceramic sanitary ware – which certifies that the entire production cycle is totally carried out in Italy.
A certification system by which manufacturers distinguish their creations from those of dubious Italian origin, giving the end consumer certainty about origin and quality.

Ceramics of Italy

Ceramica Dolomite is one of the Italian companies in the ceramic sector that is part of the Ceramics of Italy brand, promoted by Confindustria Ceramica.
This brand represents excellence in design and quality in the Italian ceramic sector, highlighting the know-how and craftsmanship that characterize companies in the sector.


Ceramica Dolomite received the ADI Ceramics & Bathroom Design award for product strategy.
«A radical project of strategic design that takes the tradition and expertise of a great all-Italian brand and returns it to the market with a view to manufacturing efficiency, product range articulation and market appeal».
Ceramica Dolomite’s OLTRE System wins the ICONIC AWARDS 2024: INTERIOR PRODUCTS in the Product Design – Bathroom and Wellness category.
«The Oltre system, distinguished by the transversality of its elements, becomes the protagonist of the bathroom. With its innovative design, it is a range of washbasins, shower trays and ceramic tops characterised by free forms and deconstructed lines, where the space of water becomes unlimited and fluid».



Company Founded

Ceramica Dolomite was founded in 1965 by three managers in the sector. They received financial support from two families of entrepreneurs, and benefitted from state aid following the tragic landslide in Vajont. In their first year, they made some 27,000 products, from kitchen sinks to shower trays and washbasins, and employed 100 people.


International expansion

In 1969, the company began manufacturing bathroom suites. High quality products and a customer-oriented service, plus an increased workforce (500 employees) meant the company grew quickly in Italy and began expanding overseas.


Evolving design

Ceramica Dolomite launched the first semi-recessed washbasin, which would change the way the bathroom space is organized. Collaborations began with famous designers such as Marco Zanuso, Luigi Molinis and, later, Renzo Piano. The workforce surpassed the 1,000 mark.


Continuous growth

In the 1990s, the company acquired Ceramiche Senesi and Tenax, which led to significant market growth. Annual production exceeded one million parts at the Borgo Valbelluna site, with the introduction of an innovative new roller kiln for washbasins. In 1995, Ceramica Dolomite was the first Italian company in the sector to obtain ISO 9001 certification for the quality of its products.


New technology

In 1999, Ceramica Dolomite became part of the US multinational American Standard Companies. In parallel, the technology used on site continued to develop: highly automated systems meant skilled workers could focus on manually perfecting the finishes, instead of carrying out the more strenuous, laborious tasks.


Focus on sustainability

Sustainability and a balanced ecosystem have always been an important part of Ceramica Dolomite’s business, which focuses on reducing waste and recycling manufacturing waste products. In 2013, a high-efficiency cogeneration plant was installed. The steam emitted by the kilns generates the energy needed for manufacturing, while also powering street lighting in Borgo Valbelluna.


New challenges

In 2022, the site and brand were taken over by a group of four partners - an example of the North-eastern Italy’s enterprising spirit at its best - together with Invitalia. The aim was to relaunch the business, bringing the company’s skills back into focus, to turn Ceramica Dolomite into a key player in Italian sanitary ware ceramics once more. The new logo represents a desire to take 50 years of history, with all of its challenges and successes, into the future.