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Colour palette
and colour coordination

Ceramica Dolomite’s glazes do not stop at appearances, but are champions of durability and meet current resistance standards: water-repellent, they resist acid attacks, stains, detergents and abrasion.
The special finishes make the spaces look larger and can be declined for any furnishing style; they are perfectly with wood tones and can also be combined with other nuances, both pastel and textured material shades.
Ceramica Dolomite glaze has been autoclave tested to check its durability over time. The result is a glaze that does not age, maintaining its brilliance and inalterability.

Transversality of products

All our products are designed and developed with a transversal approach.
Bowls, washbasins and accessories can be chosen within an open system, free of constraints and conditioning.


Compared to traditional bowls with a box rim, the Aqua-Fall system by Ceramica Dolomite guarantees:
Water flows from an elegant ceramic cover and is conveyed inside the bowl to the front edge, washing over 90% of the surface.
The rimless system means a new design for the inner wall of the bowl, left smooth and rimless. This stops mould and bacteria from forming.
The specially shaped bowl means water is perfectly distributed, for better cleaning and no splashes, regardless of the drain flow rate, as tested in line with current regulations.
Water is carefully channelled around the bowl with Ceramica Dolomite’s rimless system, making for a quieter bathroom space.
Aqua-Fall ensures the bowl is perfectly clean, even when water is only partially drained.


The glazes developed by Ceramica Dolomite are characterised by their resistance and comply with current durability regulations.
They are water-repellent and resist acid agents, stains, detergents and abrasion; this characteristic facilitates the cleaning of sanitary ware by preventing the accumulation of limescale and dirt


A specific feature of Ceramica Dolomite’s back to wall bowl is the position of the drain.
It allows you to use a bowl connector, meaning you can install the bowl even where there is already a floor drain, as in older installations.
By moving the drain position as shown, there’s no need to touch the flooring.
All that’s required is the right combination of bowl connectors and couplings to install the bowl without having to take up any floor tiles.


All Ceramica Dolomite products have been carefully designed to simplify cleaning – to ensure your sanitary ware is perfectly hygienic.


Water gets shaped: Ceramica Dolomite’s rimless system morphs the water, taming it and directing it, allowing it to flow across a large surface area, while also.

Hidden fixtures

For clean lines and a clean product: All new toilets and bidets, whether wall-hung or floor-standing, have hidden fixtures. As well as giving the products a sleek design, they make the sanitary ware easy to install correctly and also simplify cleaning.

Quick-release seat

All new, soft-close seats are fitted with a quick-release mechanism. The seat is quick and simple to take off, making it easy to clean all surfaces.

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